2015 m. kovo 13 d., penktadienį, 18 val. Laisvasis universitetas (LUNI) kviečia į kontrkultūros aktyvisto iš Austrijos Willio Hejdos praktinį seminarą, skirtą partizaninės komunikacijos (angl. „Guerrilla communication“) metodams. Willis Hejda atstovauja nepriklausomam Vienos kolektyvui „Re:active“, besivadovaujančiam saviorganizacijos ir „pasidaryk pats“ idėjomis.

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Renginys vyks dailininko Konstantino Navasaičio laisvųjų menų dirbtuvėse, Dominikonų g. 4, Vilniuje (šalia S. Nėries gimnazijos). Bendraujama bus anglų kalba.

Renginio anonsas:

Society and human interaction are not random. There are rules and structures which organize our behavior and interaction. These rules are learned and reproduced by every single individual, often even without being aware of this. They are connected power relations, for example declaring who can speak when, and whether the person speaking is listened to. From childhood on we learn specific sets of behavior. There are different rules regarding body and appearance, sex and gender, cultural background, class and expressions of economic status.

Communication guerrilla offers a framework to understand these codes and to intervene in them. With the understanding of the specific cultural grammar - how the summery of rules within social interaction is called – activists get new perspectives on their struggles.

Communication guerrilla offers a big toolbox of intervention forms within every day life and politics, and culture - aiming for a world without sexism, hierarchies, borders and racism, and gender boundaries.

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