LUNI logoFree University (LUNI) is a non-formal communal initiative aimed at organizing individuals and groups already actively participating in academic and the social sphere, encouraging them to share their knowledge and experiences in order to create alternatives to the established model of education, motivation and discipline.

1. All contemporary educational reforms aim to incorporate university education into the state capitalist system, making students either servants of the state or free market cogs. Free University tries to develop a free personality with a critical thinking that seeks education and not a diploma or a promised career in state or business sector.

2. An established university boasts of its autonomy, but in reality is a bureaucratic and hierarchical structure, nurturing the power of authority. Free University must be horizontal: all hierarchical structures are eliminated, the distinction between lecturers and students is blurred. Anyone who wants to share his/her knowledge and experience with others can become a lecturer. A student becomes lecturer’s counterpart and partner in dia/polilogue, feudal relations thus being abandoned in the free academic community.

3. In the established university reforms try to separate and segregate the students by establishing various marking systems. Free university is open for everyone – not only students, but also those who do not study. They are all equal.

4. Free university, the laboratory of the future experiments is grounded with tolerance for individuals of diverse nationalities, faiths, genders etc. Everyone’s opinion and argumentation is heard.

5. Free university is created not as an institution, but as a net. It is formed by diverse initiatives, sometimes with differing views and opinions. In Free university (LUNI) the attention is paid equally to theory (social sciences and humanities) and practice (technical sciences and arts). The study programs are arranged by mutual accord, information on planned events is disseminated through different channels.

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